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Before ordering NuMedica or Soothing Touch check with our office as we may be able to include your order in ours to save you shipping & handling charges and possible additional savings!

Soothing Touch has a wonderful line of products. Creams, Lotions, Bath Salts. Lip Balms & more. Check it out... Click here:  Soothing Touch

NuMedica Nutritional Products   order in office from your therapist for possible specials that cannot be advertised. But if you can't wait you may place a direct order on-line.  Not sure  what products may be for you - click here for a wealth of information

In need of embroidered polo shirts? E-POLOS is a Texas company that offers quality shirts & service.


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Can't remember your passwords when you need them the most? Roboform Everywhere is your answer! 

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